Saturday, October 24, 2009

Karito Kids

Karito Kids are a series of 21 inch dolls that represent girls from around the world a product of Kids Give. KidsGive™’s mission is to raise global awareness among our youth, teaching them about children around the world and exposing them to the importance of social responsibility and charitable giving.

To meet this mission, KidsGive developed an interesting and unique concept that directly brings the child into the actual process of giving to, and understanding the development of, children’s humanitarian projects around the world. By directly tying together the purchase of Karito Kids (large dolls) with the support of children’s charities, KidsGive will teach a generation of children at a young age what charitable giving really means.

The 11-year-old girls characterize a modern way of life in each country and culture, providing today’s views of fashion, events, and values that shape each generation and raise global awareness along the way. Through the purchase of each Karito Kids product a percentage of sales will be donated to Plan USA, a worldwide children’s charity. By entering a unique code (found on every product) on the company website, children will be able to select the charitable cause to which the donation will be directed.They come with their themed books, and with each purchase made the doll's new owner gets to make a donation (part of the purchase price) to the Kids Give charity of their choice. Manufacturer's suggested retail is $99.99.

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