Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Clutches for Good

Love this clutch by Mad Imports at $25. Come in many colors.

Great designs and colors at a great price that gives back.  All of this makes me very happy.

Mad Imports is a socially & environmentally responsible company that markets handmade fashion accessories from Madagascar & Kenya. The sale of our products enables families to gain economic independence and promotes environmental conservation.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Build a Nest

The mission of Nest is to support women artists and artisans in the developing world by helping them create sustainable entrepreneurial businesses. Nest will do this by providing micro-credit loans to be used for the purchase of the supplies and materials necessary to begin and/or maintain art or craft-based businesses. Nest has created a community of artists helping artists, and women helping women, the world over.

Designer Stephanie Jolluck has been travelling to Highland region Guatemala for over 9 years to work with the Mayans on a eco friendly textile line. Made with PURE LOVE, her are created from reclaimed indigenous clothing using fair trade practices. 

The Sephora Project

The Sephora Project Tote
What it is:
A beauty-full bag that gives back.

What it does:
Wear your heart on your sleeve...and now, on your bag too. The Sephora Project Tote is a pretty purchase with a purpose. Sephora is proud of The Sephora Project, a initiative created to educate and empower women and girls whose mission, like Sephora's, is to make the world a more beauty-full place. When you purchase The Sephora Project Tote Bag ($12), six dollars from each bag will be donated to Girls For A Change, a national organization that empowers girls to create social change. That's not the only way this fashion with a passion shows its love—this Tote-ally good-hearted bag is made from recycled bottles that have been crushed and spun into fibers. Snag the Sephora Project Tote and let the benevolence begin! It is available at all Sephora stores, by calling 1-877-SEPHORA, or by logging on to

Volvic UK 1L for 10L brings cleans water to Africa

Volvic ‘1L-for-10L’, is a major initiative in partnership with the international relief and development agency World Vision, which will provide over 6 billion litres of clean water to hundreds of thousands of people living in Africa.

For every litre of Volvic Plain or Volvic Touch of Fruit purchased in the UK, Volvic and World Vision will provide ten litres of clean, safe drinking water through their well creation programme in six countries across Africa, helping to improve the quality of life for entire communities

Monday, October 26, 2009

Disney GIVE a Day GET a Day

BEGINNING JANUARY 1, 2010, when you sign up here to volunteer a day of service with a participating organization (and your service is completed and verified) you'll get one day admission to a Walt Disney World® or Disneyland® theme park, FREE! Disney wants to inspire one million people to volunteer a day of service.

What better way to enjoy family time together!  Great idea Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Karito Kids

Karito Kids are a series of 21 inch dolls that represent girls from around the world a product of Kids Give. KidsGive™’s mission is to raise global awareness among our youth, teaching them about children around the world and exposing them to the importance of social responsibility and charitable giving.

To meet this mission, KidsGive developed an interesting and unique concept that directly brings the child into the actual process of giving to, and understanding the development of, children’s humanitarian projects around the world. By directly tying together the purchase of Karito Kids (large dolls) with the support of children’s charities, KidsGive will teach a generation of children at a young age what charitable giving really means.

The 11-year-old girls characterize a modern way of life in each country and culture, providing today’s views of fashion, events, and values that shape each generation and raise global awareness along the way. Through the purchase of each Karito Kids product a percentage of sales will be donated to Plan USA, a worldwide children’s charity. By entering a unique code (found on every product) on the company website, children will be able to select the charitable cause to which the donation will be directed.They come with their themed books, and with each purchase made the doll's new owner gets to make a donation (part of the purchase price) to the Kids Give charity of their choice. Manufacturer's suggested retail is $99.99.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I love these bag carriers made from reused kites.  Perfect to attach to your dog leash and check out the I Pick Up2 Kemp's 

4U2ReUSE is a manufacturer of eco-friendly handmade bag carriers. 
Our products are made in the U.S. out of reused materials and organic fabrics and are designed to store plastic grocery bags for trips to the grocery store or biodegradable bags for walks with the dog. Each bag carrier can be stashed in a car door compartment, attached to a handbag, backpack, belt loop, dog leash, or stashed in a car door compartment, allowing you to easily reuse or recycle your bags day in and day out, making it easier for you to be green. 

Geoffrey Beene Gives Back

Geoffrey Beene has been a go to men's brand for years but I'm not sure if the public knew they were buying clothes that care. Woven into every new garment and accessory is their promise and pledge to support a better future for us all through GBGB Geoffrey Beene Gives Back®.  100% of net profits from Geoffrey Beene, LLC are donated to philanthropic causes. 
Through 2009, Geoffrey Beene Gives Back® will have donated over $1 million to organizations such as Save The Children, Safe Horizon, and the Resource Center for Women and Their Families, as well as more than $600,000 to the Family Violence Prevention Fund to help end domestic abuse. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tiny Revolutionary

OK people.  I love this company.  I love the philosophy.  I love the product.  I love it all!

"All change begins small" is their motto

This onesie and shirt reads "I'll change the World Someday"
At a minimum $1 from every Tiny Revolutionary Tee goes to charity, like these...

And then Tiny Revolutionary has a set of Tees that are part of the GIVING TEE program and through an extraordinary partnership with Africa Aid, a t-shirt is being elevated to its highest call yet - life saver. With the purchase of each THIS SHIRT SAVED A LIFE tee from Tiny Revolutionary, $20 will be donated directly to Africa Aid to fund a child in their school lunch program in the Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana for an entire year. To learn more about Africa Aid, visit today!
Printed on a 100% Cotton buttery soft vintage black tee with innovative new, non-toxic inks. Each tee has an inside print explaining the program and is HAND-NUMBERED prior to shipping for a true one-of-a-kind mark of distinction.

Baby Eggi Flower Top

Loving this midnight blue flower top by Baby Eggi. Adorable clothes.

Baby Eggi is a hip and stylish children's clothing company that is committed to creating a better world for children to live and thrive. Baby Eggi donates 20% of its net proceeds to partnering children's charities.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Joy Spread the Word

These are organic Toddler Tshirts from Joy Spread the Word
How can you not support a company's belief that as toddlers learn and explore they start to understand the power of words - "children reflect a greater possibility for each of us to teach and share values." LOVE IT.
(Thanks Suzanne for the tip)

designgive T-shirts

I'm a big fan of Designgive's shirts, they have a strong social message and they're created by some unique artists who actually donated their art. These are men's shirts and cost $19 (plus shipping) and part of the proceeds will benefit a charity of your choice. The designs are smart, modern and very high design. One of my favorite shirts is Africa Now that features an Africa shaped image consisted of hundred illustrations of Africa's current issues. Africa Now is not just visually great but mentally too. It can be the starting point for a good conversation!

I love these two as well - Dead Paris and Foliage. Visit designgive to buy a very cool yet affordable t-shirt for a loved one.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flip for Good

Every person with a child in their life needs a video camera. The flip has become popular for it's compact and easy functionality. There are a section of Flips where a portion of the proceeds go to a nonprofit or charity and you can pick from over 15 organizations. I happen to have this one. It goes to supporting non profits getting their own video cameras.

Precious Shoes

Does it get cuter than this?

These handmade booties range in sizes 0-18months at $22.50 - 80% of the proceeds for to the Magic Foundation.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This is the trailer for the Oprah Winfery/Tyler Perry backed film "Precious," based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire. The film stars comic Mo'Nique, Lenny Kravitz and features Paula Patton and Mariah Carey.  It's in theaters December 3.

I am featuring this because it tells a desperately underrepresented child's story. I have not seen the movie but I get chills when I see this actress as I can't imagine the courage it takes to play the truth in this role. Movies that stretch our comfort are a good thing. More to come on this feels like one that we should support.

New Youth Collection from TOMS

If for some reason you're not aware of TOMS you need to be.  Their premise is for every pair of shoes bought - a pair goes to someone in need. ONE FOR ONE.  And for the first time they are offering youth sizes for purchase.

With the release of the new Youth collection, kids now have the opportunity to help other kids in need. Although TOMS has been giving youth-sized shoes to children in need since the company’s inception in 2006, the sizes weren’t available to purchase. After several inquiries from mothers and fathers wanting to teach their children the power of giving, young people posting to our fan page, and customers wanting to buy TOMS for the whole family, TOMS realized the amazing demand coming from our youth market.

Charms that Matter

I have loved my Helen Ficalora initial charms for years. They are so much a staple that I sometimes forget about all the great designs Helen continues to create. She supports many causes and all charms are handmade. Beautiful stuff.

World Pillow

So have I said yet that I love IKEA, well I do and that's probably why I'm breaking my give back rule already by featuring the Kelly Varld cushion.

I am always trying to incorporate things around the house that have a world point of view and these high design cushions do the trick with out being completely literal or flashing bright colors.  I think it's a nice touch in dressing up a winter couch.

Project Zambi

This cause is particularly close to my heart since my daughter was born in Ethiopia. I am forever touched by this great continent and love to see companies doing their part to support improvement in Africa.  Consider making this a special gift for a child in your life.

Project Zambi is a global initiative of the Hasbro Children's Fund, dedicated to raising awareness of the estimated 15 million African children who have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.  To help bring PROJECT ZAMBI to life, Hasbro has introduced a new special edition FURREAL FRIENDS ZAMBI THE BABY ELEPHANT toy (Retail Price: $49.99/Fall 09) which is available this fall in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, and features soft and cuddly ears and feet that are covered in a special fabric pattern designed by boys and girls from one of the African communities dedicated to caring for children orphaned by AIDS.  Hasbro has committed to donate 50 percent of the net profits from ZAMBI THE BABY ELEPHANT -- a minimum of $500,000 (in U.S. dollars) -- to the PROJECT ZAMBI Fund.

Halloween Goodness

Are you still searching for your child's Halloween Costume?

Consider buying at Halloween Costumes.Org. Through the Make a Wish Foundation, with a portion dedicated from every costume sale, Halloween Costumes.Org will sponsor a child to make their wish come true!

Another fun and message conscience costume idea for toddlers is Amy Coe's exclusive Peace Sign Costume exclusive at Toy's R Us.

Peace, Love & Pumpkins!

Pink for October

I stumbled across these beautiful headbands on Designmom's blog and realized that Bambuko dedicates a section of their product to Breast Cancer research. Please check out this beautiful head pieces and think about how you can rock them this holiday while supporting the pink ribbon cause.  I can also so see it with a white tank and jeans.  Very cool.

And to show support without spending money...head over to Yahoo where they are teaming up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). For each person who updates their pink ribbon status on Yahoo! Shine and Yahoo! Mail this month, they'll donate $1 to the NBCF (up to $50,000).

The donations will go toward free mammograms for uninsured women, in the hopes that they can benefit from early diagnosis and treatment as I did. It’s a simple way to raise awareness and empower our community of users to make a positive impact in the fight against breast cancer.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Shine On Mom

I live in Los Angeles.  I've worked in movie marketing for 10 years.  I have participated in excessive spending and nonsense.  I've enjoyed it.  

And then, I journeyed through the magical world of international adoption and I understood global responsibility in a new way.  Not everyone dedicates their lives to the hungry or homeless or sick but people can contribute to good by conscious consumption.  There are tons of companies that have dedicated initiatives to giving back.  

I want to "shine on" these products/content/services/events.  I want companies to understand that we collectively care.  That we all share a part in making the world shine on.